Interview with Haley Findlay

Haley Findlay of @haley.findlay speaks about how partnering with charities and brands with a social impact will positively effect change in the community.

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Photographed by: Victoria Saperstein

Haley Findlay, one of social media's favorite girls has been re-defining success and what it means to have an impact on the world around her. She's been all over your Instagram feed, but find out what really fuels her as a accomplished boss woman and her drive to raise humanity's vibration.

“ I have always been heavily involved with philanthropy; however, since I moved to NYC I have been trying to find ways to really impact the world " Haley Findlay

What really fuels and motivates you in life?

"I am heavily involved with supporting brands with a social impact mission and promote them through my social media platforms to share their message amongst hundreds of thousands. 

Currently, I am embarking on a new social series, to provide exponential growth, impact, and value. I believe in communities as we can really grow together and through connections."

Can you talk a little bit more about the New Social Series and what that will entail?

"(The) New Social Series: Through a series of interviews, videos, and experiences around the world I am connecting with charities and corporations to highlight their efforts to make the world a better place, amplify their message through my platform and connect them with the right infrastructure to advance. The title and pilot will be available July 1st 2019."

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Photographed by: Victoria Saperstein

Learn more about Haley Findlay!

Haley Findlay is a successful social entrepreneur who is revolutionizing the social media industry by leveraging her savvy business smarts and fast-growing platforms to create a community dedicated to connecting the world so we can all thrive together. Along with Haley’s commitment to fostering the growth of female entrepreneurs and women focused brands, she has now expanded her attention to uplifting charities as well as corporations worldwide.

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