2020 Prom Dress Shopping Tricks!

Let us help you find your #perfectpromdress for #prom2020 and make you into an Andrea & Leo Couture #etherealgirl Create your own fairy tale moments with us!

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Photographed by: Marina Williams

Hair & Makeup: Candace Miller

You were written in the stars #etherealgirl so put on those glitter boots and step out into the world!

Finding the perfect prom dress for your figure and personality....

It can be overwhelming with all the prom dresses available in 2020 online these days but it's also great that there are so many options to choose from. You can pretty much find any color, any silhouette and any size. It's just about finding that option that's going to be right for you, not what looks good on the product picture. You want to truly feel like yourself at your prom, so don't be shy about picking a unique style that nobody else might have or pairing your gown with something that's true to your personal style, as Taryn shows us with her glitter boots paired with our couture ombre ruffled ballgown. People always say that there are "rules" for fashion, but we say no faux way!

As far as fit, we believe that you can be any size and wear any silhouette, whether you have a pear shape or apple, or any sort of fruit shape for that matter. It's about finding what you love most about your body and having the dress accent that. If it's your amazing legs, then get a dress with a slit to show them off, if it's your collar bones, get a dress that's off the shoulder that'll make your neck look long and elegant. If you're not sure what you're favorite part is, just choose the part that's smallest on every woman which is the waist. Make sure that the dress has some sort of waistline or if it doesn't have one, then accent it with a fun vintage belt to draw the eye towards the waist.

Retailer: House of K Boutique

Dresses: A0827 and A0890

How to accessorize the dress...

Accessorizing can really make the gown come to life and portrays your specific personal style so that you stand out in the crowd at prom. Our friends at the House of K Boutique styled two of our dresses so wonderfully and they're both a great balance of fun, youthful, and elegant. The trick is if you have a big or bling statement piece, pair it with other small subtle or neutral pieces, like the A0827 pink constellation tulle dress pictured on the left with those big statement star earrings. Or, you can accessorize like the silver constellation dress A0890 on the right, where they paired it with a stunning constellation hairpiece and small rhinestone bangle bracelet, both being pretty neutral but still classic.

Dress A1009: SHOP HERE

Where to find your dream 2020 prom dress....

We have an amazing selection of authorized Andrea & Leo Couture retailers around the globe to help you find your dream prom dress this year. You can find a store locator list here

You can also always contact us if you're having a hard time finding a dress by emailing us at: sales@andrealeocouture.com or DM us on Instagram.

Don't forget to tag us if you wear our dresses @andrea_leo_couture and hashtag #andrealeocouture #etherealgirl for a chance to be featured on our feed!

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