Margaux Leo's Parisian Elegance

In a sea of new Instagram influencers, Margeaux Leo stands out from the crowd as a ethereal, elegant and classy Parisian with photographers like Max @bisousparis making that vision come to life.

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Margaux's Look

We've all marveled at all the incredible shots that these Instagram influencers create, but lately we find ourselves bored of all the foil balloons and swimsuit pictures on a beach. Low and behold, we found Margaux's Instagram and was taken away to a Parisian fantasy world with imagery that only she can create.

“...woke up at 4:20 this morning for this shooting... but it was SO worth it..."

We love that she gives you the real deal, from waking up before the sun comes up, to giving you insight into how the shoots are created, she's truly inspirational. We were lucky enough to meet her and her husband when they stopped in Los Angeles and they were so down to earth and such a loving couple. Even if you haven't met them, Margaux tends to make her Instagram so relate able and lets you step into her world on a daily basis.

Creating the fantasy...

For this shoot, Margaux worked with the world renowned Max of @bisousparis who's known for finding the most elegant places in France to capture these princess moments. Catching the light at the right moment at sunset and the dress in the movement of her twirls near the Eiffel Tower. It's really such a sight to see and takes the right eye of a professional photographer to make everything come together like this. Make sure and follow Max on Instagram @bisousparis.

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