#BTS with Andrea & Leo Couture

Come take a journey with us behind the scenes at our editorial shoot for the Fall/Winter 2019 Collection and see what it takes to create moments and vision that define the brand.

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Photographed by: Stephanie Williams

Model: Jess Stewart

Florist: Of the Flowers

Hair & Makeup: Regina Quintana

Accessories: Erica Elizabeth Designs

It really takes a whole team in order to complete the whole vision of a collection and what feelings you want the images to evoke. - Andrea & Leo Couture

Finding that team....

The photographer really sets the stage for the editorial for our brand and we were lucky enough to work with Stephanie Williams, who we've admired for awhile. Her aesthetic is so romantic, ethereal, and light which is what our new collection truly defines. Any piece in the new collection, makes clients feel like they can float away on a cloud and let's them move easily. Stephanie always pictures the woman as she is, natural without any bells or whistles that distracts your eye from what beauty is in front of you, which is exactly what we believe that the dresses just accentuate our clients true beauty.

Florist: Of the Flowers

Setting the stage....

After discussing with Stephanie what the mood we wanted to portray was, we got in contact with the amazing florists, Of the Flowers based here in Los Angeles. They are known for there many celebrity weddings, (including Mandy Moore's recent wedding) high-end events, and their unique perspective on how to use the right textures and colors to set a mood. Using a large array of textures, sizes and colors they ended up creating this amazing floral fairytale scene fit for an ethereal princess in the back of our warehouse surprisingly! It's amazing to see how much scenery can really change the feeling and aura of a set.

Capturing Jess's natural beauty with Regina Quintana and Erica Elizabeth Designs

Hair and Makeup By: Regina Quintana

Accessories by: Erica Elizabeth Designs

Model: Jess Stewart

Beauty coming to life....

Once the scene was set, the gowns were picked, we knew that we needed an ethereal doll to represent our client, that's when we found Jess Stewart. Her look is not only distinct but her movements and face is soft and approachable, something we feel like our clients evoke when wearing our gowns. Then to help Jess, we used our hair and makeup guru, Regina Quintana who has worked with us previously. She created such a glossy, natural look on Jess that paired well with Stephanie's photography style. To top it off, we found Erica Elizabeth's Designs, an artist who makes the most incredible handmade headpieces that matched our new collection perfectly.

We were truly lucky to work with an incredible team to make this editorial shoot so fantastic and to pull off the vision that we had for the collection and the brand. We hope that you'll keep updated with us on our website and our Instagram to keep seeing and being involved in our brand lifestyle! Don't forget to tag us if you wear our dresses @andrea_leo_couture and hashtag #andrealeocouture #etherealgirl for a chance to be featured on our feed!

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